Siyum on Sukkah Will Honor Yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s Brother

A siyum on Meseches Sukkah will be held in Crown Heights, with seven local shiurim finishing simultaneously, together with a farbrengen in honor of the Rebbe’s brother R’ Dovber Schneerson hy”d, who was killed by the Nazis, and whos yahrzeit was set for 25 Elul.

Join us for a siyum on Meseches Sukkah of seven local daily gemara shiurim finishing simultaneously and a farbrengen – in honor of the Yom Hashana of the Rebbe’s brother – R’ Dovber Schneerson A”H. (He was Niftar during the holocaust and the 25th of Elul was established as the day of his yahrzeit).  

The siyum will also commemorate this auspicious day as the world was created on this day. And as the Gemara says: Breishis meaning reishis as the world was created for the Torah.

The Siyum will take place Wednesday, September 1st – 24th of Elul, at Mishkan Moshe – 580 Crown Street. The event will begin at 8:30pm. 

Featuring Speeches by Rabbi Fischel Oster: The Rebbe’s Hadran on Maseches Sukkah. And Rabbi Mendel Yuzewitz: My visit to the resting place of the Rebbe’s brother and his life.   

The event will be streamed on 

Participating magidei shiurim and shuls: Rabbi Fischel Oster – Merkas Avreichim | Rabbi Shmuel Rosenstein – Anshei Lubavitch/Geshem Shul | Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer – Chevra Shas | Rabbi Holtzberg / Rabbi Shia Werner – Anash Shul | Rabbi Hershel Lustig – Beis Eliezer Yitzchok | Rabbi Zalman Shanowits – Shains Shul. For Timings, info and More Shiurim, visit:

The event is organized by Irgun Torah.  

 “כשמסיים מסכת, מצוה לשמוח ולעשות סעודה, ונקראת סעודת מצוה” – הרמ”א

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