Siyum Broadcast on Airport’s PA System

Bochurim who were manning the Chabad Air desk at JFK airport didn’t forget the frum travelers either, and held a siyum on the PA system in accordance with the Rebbe’s request to hold siyumim during the Nine Days.

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Attention all travelers…

Two Lubavitcher bochurim who were manning the Chabad Air tefillin booth at JFK Airport, together with director Rabbi Yossi Rap, held a siyum for travelers, broadcast over the PA System at the El Al gate.

Chabad of the Airport, founded by Rabbi Kuti Rapp a”h, and led by his son Rabbi Yossi Rapp, show up at JFK airport a number of times each week, offering travelers the chance the put on tefillin, sign up their children for a letter in the Children’s Sefer Torah, or grab a drink before their flight.

On Tuesday, bochurim Mendel Brandwine and Avrohom Gordon headed over to JFK airport on a special mission. Knowing of the Rebbe’s request to hold siyum during the Nine Days, and to do so in as many locations as possible, they went to see if they could hold a siyum for the travelers waiting at the El Al gate.

At the gate, they received special permission to use the PA system, and Gordon broadcast a Siyum as the passengers waited to begin boarding. Following the siyum, many passengers came over to thank them, and they struck up a conversation with a group of Yeshiva bochurim heading back to Eretz Yisroel.

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