Sixty Men Tested on Semicha by Monsey Rov

Over sixty men participated in exam given by Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander, rav of the Chabad shul and community “Heichal Menachem” in Monsey for the Lemaan Yilmedu semicha program.

Over sixty men participated in another exam given by the Lemaan Yilmedu semicha program. Lemaan Yilmedu’s goal is to make the study of halacha accessible to everyone, everywhere, all ages, whether businessmen or those who work in other fields, yungerleit and even bachurim. The Machon operates worldwide with dozens of branches in Eretz Yisrael, the United States, France and Russia. The shiurim are given in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander, rav of the Chabad shul and community “Heichal Menachem” in Monsey conducted the test. The test, which was on Hilchos Taaruvos, took several hours. In the first part, the talmidim who live in Crown Heights were tested and then there was a Zoom test for talmidim around the world including those who live in different time zones like Eretz Yisrael and Europe, who got up in the middle of the night to take the test.

For over two hours, Rabbi Oberlander tested the talmidim. He was most impressed that dozens of men of varying ages, young and old, with diversified jobs and professions, were investing time and effort in learning Yoreh Deah in a systematic way. He encouraged them to continue putting efforts into their learning and noted the importance of receiving semicha and especially knowing practical halacha.

The hanhala of the Machon says registration has opened for the new semester which will begin, G-d willing, in Elul. Those who are interested are asked to hurry and register since there is a limited number of slots.

For information and to register for the program:

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