Six Week Course Will Help Better Your Shlichus

A six-week course by Kollel Marash of Crown Heights will offer new shluchim a chance to learn about six topics that can help them navigate various shlichus logistics.

A six-week course will offer new shluchim a chance to learn about six topics that could have real and tangible effects on their shlichus.

The dream of aspiring and established Shluchim is to access resources and expert advice that could better their growing Shlichus. Well, here is your opportunity. 

Dive into six focused crash courses, bursting with practical and applicable advice delivered by experts in the field. These six courses will cover crucial areas of your Shlichus, allowing you to build a thriving institution.

The course is being offered by Kollel Marash of Crown Heights, a daily part-time kollel for young working men. A subsidized price of $180 is being offered for a limited time.

Six courses will be offered, starting on March 21, 18 Adar II, and continuing with another class each week. Each will cover another important topic.

Fundraising Down Pat: Rabbi Mendel Duchman; 18 Adar II: We all know that fundraising is our fuel for growth, but now what? Learn the practical dos and don’ts in mastering the art of fundraising.

Chassidus for the Layman: Rabbi Shais Taub; 25 Adar II: We all grew up on Chassidus being the source of our inspiration and drive. How can I relay this gem to the less knowledgeable?

Torah on Gender: Rabbi Ulman; 3 Nissan; Things used to be simple when people were defined. Now, who can get an Aliya? Can I marry them off?  Who sits on which side of the wall? How do I navigate this all?

Financial Empowerment: Mr. Roth; 10 Nissan: Managing finances can be overwhelming. Become financially confident as it relates to your organization. Join a prestigious accountant as he coaches you through your finances.

Explode Social Media: Mr. Berel Solomon; 24 Nissan: Perhaps the most influential tool in outreach is social media. Learn how to take advantage of this free powerhouse and promote your activities – the potential is infinite!

Goals for Growth: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan; 1 Iyar: Learn from the experience of those who’ve successfully walked your path. Understand the goals and strategies which enabled extraordinary success in your field.

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