Six Flags Trip Seen As Mivtzoim Opportunity

While on a trip to Six Flags amusement park on Wednesday, campers from YSP Morristown utilized their time to find Yidden and put tefillin on with them, ending the day with more than ten tefillins and many smiles.

By reporter

On the schedule, it said that YSP was going on a trip. But some campers and staff just saw it as a mivtzoim oppurtuinity.

Campers and staff of YSP Morristown headed to Jackson Township, New Jersey, on Wednesday, to enjoy a grand trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Campers had a grand time enjoying the rides, while making sure to stay hydrated in the heat.

A group of campers and staff chose to utilize their trip for another activity, however. They walked around the park, asking men if they were Jewish and would like to put on Tefillin.

“In camp this year, we have a ‘Back 2 Basics’ program, where we encourage campers to strengthen their hiskashrus by learning Chitas, going to mikvah, and other activities expected from chassidim,” counselor Lev Yaakov Voskoboynik told “Before this trip, we told campers that they would receive points in the program for each tefillin they got.”

And it worked. Throughout the entire trip, a group of campers, including Chaim Bukiet, Chaim Slaviticki, Leibel Slavin, Levi Kaplan, Avremel Ostrashinski, Shalom Binyaminson, Sholom Ber Rivkin, Yosef Gelman, and Zelig Nelken joined Voskoboynik asking one person after the next if they were Jewish. Before the day ended, campers were able to count over ten men that had put tefillin in Six Flags.

“It was a great trip, and not just because of the roller coasters and oversized sodas,” Voskoboynik said. “It will undoubtedly bring a new chayus to the Back 2 Basics program back in camp.”


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