Six Bar Mitzvahs During One Amusement Park Trip

While on a their grand trip to Universal Resort Orlando, a group of staff and children from CGI Florida decided to use the opportunity for mivtzoim. They ended up getting ten men to put on tefillin, with six of them putting tefillin on for their first time.

By reporter

All it took was a little effort.

When CGI Florida announced their first session grand trip to Universal Resort Orlando, the campers and staff were understandably excited. One group of campers and staff, however, saw an opportunity for something other than just having fun.

While their fellow campers and staff enjoyed the rides and attraction, the group, headed by counselor Motti Smith, grabbed a pair of tefillin and asked men in the park if they were Jewish. Every man who answered yes, was immediately offered the chance to put on tefillin right there in the amusement park.

“Baruch Hashem, we were successful beyond what we could have imagined,” Smith told “Not only did we find ten Yidden who agreed to put on tefillin, but for six of them, it was their first time in their lives doing so.”

The campers celebrated the six bar mitzvahs in the resort, explaining the significance of the moment to each of the ‘bar mitzvah boys’.

“It just comes to show that if you just focus on reaching out to another Jew, you will be met with more success than you could have dreamed of,” Smith said.

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