Sirota Family Writing Torah in Memory of Their Father

The Sirota family will be writing a new Torah in memory of their father R’ Itzchak Zalmen (Izzy) Sirota, who passed away recently at the age of 65.

Dearest friends and family, 

Our dear father returned his special soul on 23 Adar 1 at the young age of 65. It’s still so hard to believe what happened to the best and kindest man in the world with his warm, kind green eyes, and head covered in one of his iconic caps. We have all been a part of his life, and have been touched in some way by his warm and giving being.

When we completed the Sefer Torah for my grandparents, my father was very very sick, yet still made it his priority to attend the Siyum, inscribing the last letters into the Sefer Torah. It was important to him to be there, to complete the circle of life, and give the eternity of Torah to future generations.

My father, Izzy, is someone who put Hashem and the Torah first, without questions, without doubt. He believed in simply following the Torah, with Kabalot Ol. Our father emulated true Ahavas Yisroel and Kibbud Av V’em. Never did his faith or qualities diminish even through his unimaginable sufferings, surgeries, hospitalizations, and pain. He always made everyone feel warm, safe, and at peace. He put others first and took care of people in a humble, quiet way, without any fanfare.

For you tatty, we will continue the circle of life, and the strong chain of Judaism and Torah. Here is a tribute and expression of how much we love you and we miss you. All these people, whether it be friends, family, stranger, Jew, is a part and continuation of your life and your legacy. You will continue to live through all of us, as we read from this Torah, do God’s will, and bring love and joy to all his creations. Just as you did. We miss and love you every second and are waiting to be reunited with you.

In the merit of your selfless generous support to help us continue our Father’s legacy, may Hashem shower you with endless happiness, good health, and success.

All donations are 501c3 tax deductible.

Paypal, Zelle available using email [email protected]

(Please write Izzy Sirota if you are sending through paypal or zelle)

Cash or check available – call 347-409-0245

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