Singers Join Young Shliach’s Birthday Celebration

Famous Jewish singers sang happy birthday and sent birthday wishes to young Illinois Shliach Meir Tiechtel, a budding young singer and composer himself, in honor of his 12th birthday.

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The Tiechtel family in Champaign really knows how to celebrate a birthday!

Earlier this month, the local police department arranged a parade for the 10th birthday of their son Gavriel Noach. As reported on, after the parade, a surprise to the young shliach and his father, the police department also presented the young shliach with a honorary badge and a gift.

A few days later the family celebrated the 12th birthday of his older brother Meir. Knowing how much Meir enjoyed music, the family decide to surprise him with videos from some of the biggest names in the Jewish music industry.

“Meir loves music and singing,” his father, Shliach Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel told “He already wrote many songs and recorded them. So we decided to give him a special present for his birthday.”

Singers Shulem Lemer, Beri Weber, Simcha Friedman, Eli Marcus, Chazzan Aryeh Hurwitz, musicians Fitche Benshimon and Chony Milecki and others sent in videos. Singer Avraham Fried even sent in two videos!

“I made up a song with your name in it,” says Chazzan Hurwitz in the video before singing a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday Meir’. Other singers sang their hits or spoke about the special year up ahead, preparing for his bar mitzvah.

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