Police Officers Surprise Young Shliach

When Illinois Shliach Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel mentioned to a police lieutenant that Sunday was his son Gavriel Noach‘s 10th birthday, he thought he might call to wish happy birthday. He wasn’t expecting what came next.

By Anash.org reporter

With his 10th birthday right in middle of the coronavirus pandemic, young Illinois Shliach Gavriel Noach Tiechtel was expecting a toned-down celebration. What ended up happening was one of his most memorable birthday celebrations he ever had.

Gavriel Noach’s parents, Shluchim Rabbi Dovid and Goldie Tiechtel have been on shlichus at University of Illinois for almost 17 years. During their time there, they built a relationship with the local police department.

“I mentioned to a lieutenant that my son’s 10th birthday was today,” Rabbi Tiechtel told Anash.org, “thinking that maybe they would give a call and cheer my son up.”

But the University of Illinois Police Department weren’t going to let the special day go by without a celebration.

“Next thing I know, the department sent a full parade of police cars!” Rabbi Tiechtel said. “They drove by our house with their sirens on, and then they played happy birthday.”

The officers even made sure to bring a gift with them; a package of cookies. They proudly told the young shliach that they made sure that the cookies were kosher. They also presented him with a letter and a honorary badge.

“I told my son that this was an amazing Kidush Hashem,” Rabbi Tiechtel said. “He showed how if you are a proud yid and chossid, people will only respect you. Even the police department made sure to find kosher cookies!”

Happy Birthday Gavriel Noach!

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