Singers and Mashpia Share Perspectives on Chassidic Joy

Over 150 people worldwide joined a virtual Kinus Torah held on Chol Hamoed by Online Smicha, featuring various Divrei Torah on the topic of Simcha delivered by Rabbonim and singers. 

On Sunday, Chol Hamoed Sukkot, the Online Smicha program led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm held its traditional Kinus Torah, featuring various discussion and Divrei Torah on the topic of Simcha. 

The program opened up with a fascinating explanation on the topic of Simcha according to Chassidus, delivered by Rabbi Moshe Gurary, a Rov and a Mashpia in community Bais Levi Yitzchok in Pomona NY.

Following that, singer Benny Friedman joined live while preparing for a concert, to deliver remarks on the obligations one has to fulfill the commandment of being b’Simcha. 

Singers Eli Marcus and Zachariah Goldshmidt of the Zushe Band have also joined with interesting ideas related to Simcha and Halacha, as it pertains to this Yom Tov – Zman Simchoseinu.

In between the various Divrei Torah, Rabbi Wilhelm added and spiced up the talks, with stories, anecdotes, and Chassidishe Verter. 

Talmidim from all over the world, as well as anash and others, have joined this event. 

For more information about upcoming courses please visit the Online Smicha Program’s website at or contact [email protected]


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