Singer and Trampoline Show Enthrall Flatbush Streets

A grand Lag B’omer celebration was held for the Flatbush community, organized by Rabbi Yoseph Vigler of Mayon Yisroel with the participation of Westchester Mesivta, Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lief, and singer Uri Davidi.

Faced with the tragic news from Meron, Rabbi Yoseph Vigler of Mayon Yisroel made the decision to forge ahead with the Flatbush Lag B’Omer Event. Heartbroken inside, with bleeding hearts, but firm with emunah, children chanted the 12 pesukim, and recited Tehillim proudly on the street, emceed by Rabbi Sholom Mendelson

Rav Moshe Tuvia Lief, Rav of Aguda, spoke of how Rebbi Akiva refused to give up and rebuilt with 5 Talmidim after 240000 perished. Uri Davidi sang together with everyone “Achenu Kol Beis Yisroel”. 225 children and adults were signed up by Rabbi Pruss team for letters in the International Sefer Torah.

The Heavens cried too as rains poured in the middle of the event, but nothing could deter the bochurim from Mesivta Westchester who continued and the crowd waited till the rains subsided and the event continued. Shea Rubenstein, singer and community liaison for the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park then continued the event.  The Simcha was a resilient Achdus, united we stand. A bonfire was lit, and the Yiddishe Neshama was ignited. 


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