Sign the Communal Pan on Behalf of All Chassidim

Agudas Chasidei Chabad is encouraging Chassidim to submit the names of their families in the communal Pa”n that will be read at the Rebbe’s Ohel on Erev Rosh Hashana.

Fellow Chassidim around the world,

It is known that every year, after the Rebbe would receive Pani”m from Chassidim and guests, a group of elder Chassidim would present the Rebbe a communal Pa”n on behalf of fellow Chassidim around the world, to be blessed by the Rebbe with a Shana Tova U’Mesuka.

In the years that we merited to see and hear the Rebbe, the Rebbe would respond with a Bracha, and often edited his words which were subsequently published in the appendices to Likkutei Sichos.

Just as then, the Rebbe continues to lead his Chassidm, and the shepherd did not and will not abandon his flock. It is certain that despite the darkness that reigns, and notwithstanding the many years that have passed since we have last physically saw and heard the Rebbe. Today as well when the communal Pa”n is read at the holy Ohel of the Rebbe, accompanied by the signatures of Chassidim worldwide, the Rebbe continues to impart to Chassidim his Brachos for a Shana Tova U’Mesuka in all matters.

In accordance with this, we would like to encourage Chassidim to submit the names of their families, so that on Erev Rosh Hashana their names can be included in the communal Pa”n at the Rebbe’s Ohel.

Names can be submitted here.

With blessings for a Kesiva V’Chasima Tovah L’Shana Tova U’Mesuka,

The executive committee of Agudas Chasidei Chabad

Click here to sign the Pan.

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