Sifrei Chassidus Sold in Honor of Shavuos

Machon Or HaChassidus helped thousands of individuals prepare themselves to receive the Torah with Simcha and B’pnimiyus by organizing Sifrei Chassidus sales in over 20 locations throughout New York and New Jersey. 

Shavuos is Matan Toraseinu.

It is the day we celebrate the giving of the Torah.

We also celebrate the yahrzeit of the Baal Shemtov, the one who began the revelation of Chassidus in this world. 

Machon Or HaChassidus recently held a sale of Sifrei Chassidus in over 20 locations throughout New York and New Jersey.

While they have been hosting sales of Sifrei Chassidus for the past 13 years, this past sale raised the bar on so many levels. 

While previous sales took place on stands that were set up on the streets, the most recent sale were conducted in beautiful halls that were rented specifically for the occasion.

Being that in the past year Machon Or HaChassidus was unable to arrange Sifrei Chassidus sales due to COVID restrictions, the demand and thirst for learning Chassidus has increased tremendously. People are yearning to learn more and were excited to finally be able to get their hands on the bestsellers and newest releases. 

In addition to the thousands of Sifrei Chassidus that were sold, this year a new category of sefarim was added – stories of Chassidim. There are books in the series catered to both children and adults. The selection contains biographies and the history of famous, devoted Chassidim of the years gone by. The Children’s stories contain riveting details, Chassidishe values and lessons for life. 

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