Sidewalk Sukka Mural Invites All Jews Inside

‘Pop Art Rabbi’ Yitzchok Moully painted the sukkah walls of a Philadelphia art gallery with a message of unlimited welcome. A sukkah “can be large enough for all the Jewish people to be inside – even with social distancing!”

By reporter

The Old City Jewish Art Center (OCJAC) in Center City Philadelphia has a unique art sukkah that spans the sidewalk outside the gallery, inviting anyone walking past to spend a moment inside.

This year, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully, also known as the Pop Art Rabbi, was invited to paint its walls.

” [I was] inspired by the idea that the mitzvah of sukkah does not give any limitations on the size that a sukkah can be,” Moully said. “It can be large enough for all the Jewish people to be in one sukkah – even with a social distancing.”

With that in mind, Moully created ‘We All Belong’ – In The Sukkah. “We all belong,” he said, “and we all belong together, and a great place to get together is – in the sukkah!”

While the sukkah will be up just for the Yom Tov, Rabbi Moully’s art will be displayed at the OCJAC for a month. Read more about it here.

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