Sichos of the Later Years to be Restored and Published

A recent discovery of original audio reels of the Sichos from the years 5748 – 5752, has the team at JEM’s Ashreinu app hard at work digitizing these newfound treasures, uncovering many new events in the process. 

Following the recent discovery of the original audio reels of the Sichos from the years 5748 – 5752 in a corner of 770, the team at JEM’s Ashreinu app is hard at work transferring and digitizing this newfound treasure, uncovering numerous new events and unpublished content in the process. 

Revisiting the many recorded events over these years, including the last weekday Farbrengens, audio of the Rebbe Davening during the year 5748, and the last Sichos we merited to hear from the Rebbe before Chof Zayin Adar, one can find many recordings with much room for audio enhancement.

Many events have remained unpublished until today, only now uncovered on recently discovered audio reels. Additionally, data mistakes have crept up, with Sichos appearing at an incorrect date, or Tefillos not split and labeled correctly.

As the campaign to restore all the audio from the Yuds and Chofs nears completion, the restoration team at Ashreinu is shifting focus to the later years, launching a campaign to cover the costs of transferring, restoring, publishing, and properly cataloging for the first time the many audio events from Chof Beis Shevat 5748 through Chof Zayin Adar 5752.

Hundreds of events, including Tefillos, audio of Kos Shel Bracha distributions and private Yechidus, will be published for the first time. Altogether, this campaign covers almost one thousand events, each one published with its correct data and in the clearest possible form. 

Take a part of this initiative by sponsoring the restoration of a group of events, and partner in the historic project of giving these precious Sichos the home it deserves, in crystal clear original quality, on the user-friendly Ashreinu platform. 

Your donation will be generously matched by Danny and Gabi Shapiro. And in loving memory of Azriel Tzvi ben Mordechai.

Join the campaign today at

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