Sichos in English’s Mishloach Manos for the Soul

Recognizing the challenge of finding time in the busy Purim hustle to learn the message of the day, Sichos in English has curated a Purim study package well-worth the learning investment.

The iconic Yom Tov of Purim, a day of joy and feasting, appears to be a day filled with material pursuit. Though masked in Yom Tov festivities and Purim mitzvos, celebrating Purim brings to fore the essence of Jewish identity. The megillah story isn’t just a tale of the past. It is brimming with relevant insights and messages that encourage Jewish identity in our daily lives.  

Utilizing the energy of the day, Purim with the Rebbe was categorized by palpable joy and sensational farbrengens. As can be experienced via media recounting Purim with the Rebbe or heard by many who were present at those farbrengens, the sheer and genuine happiness of Purim fostered an environment befitting for powerful messages derived from the megillah to be shared. Reflecting on the Rebbe’s words on Purim throughout the years, it is clear that Purim farbrengens were historic. The invaluable lessons and themes are still ever-relevant.

Recognizing the challenge of finding time in the busy Purim hustle to learn the Purim messages, Sichos in English has curated Purim learning material, a Purim package well-worth the learning investment. The contents cover different aspects of Purim with captivating material to suit every soul’s palate.

To capitalize on the essence of Purim, here is what you can learn:

  • The Purim Protection – Maamar and Sichah

Purim Maamar 5713/1953

Gain insight on the inner workings of Haman’s plot and the Rebbe’s powerful verdict that the Jewish People deserve Hashem’s protection on all grounds, a message relevant to current world affairs. This historic Maamar was delivered on Purim 5713/1953 during the infamous “doctor’s plot” libel in Russia. Miraculously, the Maamar’s message materialized and the plan set to annihilate the Jews was foiled. This Maamar was edited by the Rebbe for publishing ahead of Purim 5751/1991 which marked the abrupt end of the Gulf War. Then too, the threat presented against the inhabitants of the Holy Land was averted.

Purim Sichah 5722 and 5727

As a sequel to the abovementioned Maamar, Sichos in English presents a new release of a fundamental Purim Sichah in the learner-friendly Selections of Likkutei Sichos format. This Sicha discusses Hashem’s ceaseless protection of the Jewish People, a lone sheep surrounded by seventy wolves. The Sicha brings dimension to the Purim story, explaining the decree which led to Haman’s plot and how Queen Esther plundered Haman’s plans through placing her trust in Hashem. This Sichah brings to light what it means to trust in Hashem and how true trust manifests in our daily lives.

  • The Alter Rebbe’s Maamar of Chayav Inish

An excerpt from the upcoming series Lessons in Torah Ohr/ Likkutei Torah, this foundational Maamar offers an in-depth appreciation of the Chassidic perspective of ad d’lo yada

  • The collection of Chabad Customs for Purim

Learn an excerpt of Sefer HaMinhagim detailing the unique Chabad Purim minhagim and their sources.

May the messages of Purim infiltrate and permeate your life with G-dliness, purpose, and joy.

A Freilichen Purim!

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