Sichos in English Presents Learning Package for 3 Tammuz

With Gimmel Tammuz soon approaching, are you looking for a way to strengthen your hiskashrus to the Rebbe? In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, Sichos in English presents a curated learning package to inform, enlighten, and inspire.

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, Sichos in English presents a curated learning package to inform, enlighten, and inspire.

Sichah Parshas Korach Chelek Daled

Learn about the relevance and vitality of a Rebbe in a Chossid’s life through the Chassidic insights on Korach’s claim. The Rebbe brings depth and dimension to Korach’s debate with Moshe as he challenged the role of Jewish leader. Fascinating perspective is brought on a Rebbe’s role in a Jew’s life as a faithful leader who enables each Jew to reveal their fullest potential. 

Basics of Chassidus- Rebbe and Chossid

Gain insight on the Rebbe and Chossid connection from the “Rebbe and Chossid” chapter excerpted from the hot-off-the-press, first volume of the groundbreaking Basics of Chassidus series. Explore what a Rebbe is, the dynamics of the Rebbe and Chossid bond, the role of a Chossid in his hiskashrus with the Rebbe, and how to cultivate this unique relationship. *For its learners’ convenience, a printed version will also be available in 770, various shuls and at the Ohel Gimmel Tammuz weekend.

Maamar Ve’Atah Tetzaveh

Distributed on Purim Katan 5752, this Maamar is the last Maamar that the Rebbe himself personally edited and gave out. In it, the Rebbe explains the relevance of a Jewish leader’s  influence.This Maamar helps achieve a heightened understanding of the Rebbe – Chossid relationship and how a Chossid’s investment in the relationship impacts the eternal influence of the Rebbe.

In addition to the learning package, Sichos in English will also be running a sale of 40% off all of the Rebbe’s seforim from Sunday, 27 Sivan, June 26 through Monday, 5 Tammuz, July 4.

May the Gimmel Tammuz learning bring to strengthened hiskashrus to the Rebbe!

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