Sichos in English Presents a Special Gift for Shluchim

Just in time for the Kinus, the widely popular Selections from Likkutei Sichos series has been completed and is being offered at a special price for the shluchim.

Over the past few years, Sichos in English has been developing its widely popular series, Selections from Likkutei Sichos, on the 5 books of the Chumash. This groundbreaking series has enabled Jews of all types to learn the Rebbe’s sichos directly from the pages of Likkutei Sichos

Now, in time for the Kinus HaShluchim, this series has finally reached completion and will be made available in an elegant slipcase, creating a cohesive and sleek design which will make it even more attractive to readers and elevate your bookcase.

In honor of 50 years since the launch of Mivtza Torah, the Touger Family Foundation is giving shluchim the unique opportunity to purchase one full set at a significantly subsidized price. Marked down from $220 to just $99 for the full set, with free shipping within the US, this unique gift will enable many shluchim to spread the Rebbe’s Torah to a wider audience in a way that it can easily be accessed and internalized.

With only 650 sets available at this special gifted price, hurry to make one yours!

Order now

(When prompted, enter your existing chabadone login to access this special price.) 

Together, we can spread the wellsprings of Chassidus and ready the world for the imminent arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu!

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