Shuls Should Be Welcoming

A Moment with the Rebbe: The Rebbe’s care for the shul’s beauty and success, prompted him to call for better amenities at the 770 shul.

Despite being preoccupied with the loftiest of worlds, the Rebbe’s care for the shul at 770 brought him to deal with the most mundane of matters.

“It is important that there be clean towels available, for people to wash their hands before davening!” the Rebbe stated at the 28 Elul farbrengen, 5728 (1968).

Another such occasion was the farbrengen of Shushan Purim 5741 (1981), when the Rebbe made the following suggestion:

“This shul has been operative for many years. Various people step in to learn and to daven; they come in tired and sweaty – why shouldn’t they find a glass of water, or a hot tea?”

The Rebbe then made note of the fact that there weren’t even cups available, or a designated place in the shul to have a drink. “The Rebbeim taught that it is important to be well mannered.”

Following that farbrengen, an urn was purchased, soon to be replaced by a larger one, eventually evolving into a full-scale kitchen at 770.

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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