Shul Representatives Decide on Elections Date Before Shavuos

Preparations continue to advance toward the first election for directors of the Vaad Hakahal and Jewish Community Council in 14 years. Shul representatives have decided that the elections will be held on Sunday, June 2nd – 25 Iyar, 5784.

The second meeting of representatives of Crown Heights Shuls planning for community elections took place in Getzel’s Shul. The buzz of excitement was clearly visible as the representatives conducted a respectful but lively discussion with regard to the details of the upcoming election.

Between the meetings and the various committees, almost 50 shuls have been represented so far in this effort, with about 30 present at the most recent meeting.

Rabbi Mendy Yusevitz of Anshei Moshe delivered a dvar torah about the lesson to be learned from the fact that the Menorah was beaten from one piece of gold.

Phivel Caplan from Frankel’s Shul presented the report from the Bylaws Committee, which has been working on the framework of the election.

Naftali Berkowitz of Beis Binyamin delivered a presentation of the election schedule and the roles of the various committees needed to conduct the election. It was pointed out by some of the participants that the proposed date is too close to Shavuos and many community residents may be out of town for a long weekend. After consideration, the group decided on 25 Iyar – June 2 as the date of the election.

Volunteers are still needed for the Nominations Committee, Election Committee and other important functions.

The following updated Election Schedule has been announced:

Next meeting & Nominating Committee Formed – 10 Adar II, Wednesday, March 20

Official Election Announcement & Petitions Available – 21 Adar II, Sunday, March 31

Submission of Nominations – 24 Nisan, Thursday, May 2

Final Candidate List Published – 30 Nisan, Wednesday, May 8

Candidates Forum – 12 Iyar, Monday, May 20

Election Day – 25 Iyar, Sunday, June 2

As on the prior occasion, the entire meeting was conducted in a spirit of unity and cooperation, and the hope was expressed that this peaceful and forward-looking approach would continue throughout the entire process until the election and beyond.

The next meeting of the Shul Representatives will be this Wednesday 10 Adar II to arrange 1) Formation of Nominations Committee. 2) Call for Candidates. 3) Publication of Notice of Election in every Shul. 4) Schedule of election dates. They will be preparing an election package that will go out to every Shul and be available online.


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