Short Film Inspires Dozens of Mitzvah Campaigns

Watch: A short film aired during the 28 Nissan Mega-Farbrengen inspired Lubavitchers around the world to launch their own mitzvah page via OneMitzvah’s brand new platform.

The brand new OneMitzvah platform makes it easy to start your own mitzvah campaign and invite your friends to pledge a mitzvah. An entertaining video released at the Tut Altz Mega-Farbrengen shows off the powerful platform. 

Already hundreds of Anash community members have resolved to start their own page on, and begin inviting their acquaintances to say Shema, give Tzedakah or study a few minutes of Torah. It’s the perfect hachlata to take away from a farbrengen that focuses on every person’s ability to become an influencer. 

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Throughout the first hours of the Chof Ches Nissan Mega-Farbrengen, as they heard from dozens of world-class mashpiim and speakers, many people took the event’s message to heart. Although the speakers spoke from their homes around the world, the focus turned again and again to the responsibility that the Rebbe handed to each chossid to bring Moshiach. Their message: Everyone’s an influencer. 

“As I started my page, I realized that it’s really the small things that count,” says Shterna Ginsberg, Shlucha in Boro Park, Brooklyn, “even just giving a dollar to Tzedakah, even if it seems small, can actually change the world.” After launching her page, she was surprised by “how simple it is to inspire people to do more mitzvos.”

The message hit home, and dozens began taking action, launching their own Mitzvah campaign on OneMitzvah’s brand new platform. “Opening a OneMitzvah page makes it easy to encourage others to do a mitzvah,” says Rabbi Mendy Broner, director of OneMitzvah, “just share your unique link and watch the mitzvahs roll in.”

A spin on the classic crowdfunding platform, gives everyone the ability to turn their social media presence into a launching pad for goodness. Each mitzvah has infinite value, and already thousands of mitzvahs have been recorded through hundreds of individual pages. Each page makes it easy to set Mitzvah goals and track your progress. You can launch a campaign with friends or together with your community.

Even while the Mega-Farbrengen is live, ordinary Lubavitchers from all walks of life are seizing this unique opportunity. As more and more people open pages, the mitzvahs are coming in faster and faster. “As Chassidim, we have a natural feeling of  responsibility for others,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302, “it doesn’t matter what your day job is, creating a OneMitzvah page gives you an easy avenue for shlichus.”

To illustrate the OneMitzvah platform’s viral power, the Moshiach Office, Merkos 302, and OneMitzvah produced an entertaining short film, showcasing the outsized influence the platform allows every one of us to tap into.

Join the movement and become an influencer by creating your unique page at

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