Shomrim Thanks Community for Vote of Confidence

Blowing past its initial fundraising goal Shomrim of Crown Heights thanks the community for their support and your vote of confidence.

For the past few decades, Crown Heights Shomrim has been a reliable and dedicated Volunteer Safety and Rescue Patrol that has been counted on by Crown Heights residents in their time of need.

Whether responding to calls involving crimes such as burglary, assaults, and muggings; or rescue calls such as lockouts involving children or elderly, responding to missing persons, or to an array of other calls for help, Shomrim volunteers have rushed to the aid of the community’s residents.

To bypass the traffic that clogs the streets of Crown Heights, which slows the emergency response, Shomrim operates a growing fleet of three-wheeled scooters that allows the volunteers to respond to calls in a quick and timely manner.

Crown Heights Shomrim volunteers are in constant contact thanks to a digital radio system that each volunteer is equipped with. The system allows for reliable and secure communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enhancing Shomrim’s ability to help the community.

As the community grows in leaps and bounds, so does Shomrim’s call volume, resulting in more equipment wear and tear and rising costs.

Crown Heights Shomrim is now turning to the community, asking for you to join in making the safety of the community your first priority.

We are always ready to go.

Today please be ready to click donate!


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