Shomrim Offering Emergency Phones for Crown Heights Shuls

Shomrim of Crown Heights is offering emergency phones for local shuls at cost price to ensure that emergency services can be reached at any time. 

Shomrim of Crown Heights is offering emergency phones for local shuls.

The phones are being sold at cost price as a security and safety service for the community.

Each phone has buttons that connect directly to the local Hatzala, Shomrim, and 911.

These phones are vital for emergency situations, when every second counts. The few seconds that you save by pressing the automated button can save someone’s life or property.

A must for all shuls, the phones are especially vital for Shabbos and Yom Tov when mispalelim don’t have cell phones on hand, and many shuls do not have a way to contact emergency services.

Dial the number in the flyer or call/text 347-489-1543 for more information.

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