Shluchos Empowered at Chabad Early Childhood Sessions

Preschool directors from all over the world joined on Friday for a beautiful brunch and got to enjoy connecting with one another and gaining new leadership skills.

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Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office hosted three innovative and meaningful sessions during the Kinus Hashluchos for preschool directors on Shlichus. 

Preschool directors from all over the world joined on Friday for a beautiful brunch and got to enjoy connecting with one another, gaining new leadership skills and receiving amazing prizes. 

“The Chabad Early Childhood sessions are the reason I come to Kinus,” said Mrs. Mushkie Bitton, director of Jewish Creative Preschool in Beverly Hills, CA. ”It’s the perfect opportunity to network with fellow Shluchos and gain insight that will help me take my preschool to the next level!”

Mrs. Tzivie Greenberg began with sharing insights from the Tanya on how to live a busy Shlichus life and run your preschool from a place of peace and calmness. She inspired by giving over thought provoking concepts from Chassidus on how to live with intention, self awareness and true joy all while tackling the many responsibilities of a preschool director. 

Professor Etti Seigel shared practical tools in staff retention, teacher appreciation and guidance in all areas related to preschool staff. With her humorous character, the Shluchos enjoyed an interactive and empowering session that equipped them with innovative tools to ensure that their staff are happy and working together to achieve the school’s vision and goals. 

The event closed with a Shluchos panel featuring Mrs. Goldie Plotkin, Mrs. Estee Greenberg, Mrs. Sara Cunin and Mrs. Devorah Deutsch, who gave the Shluchos the opportunity to ask questions to experienced and talented directors. Together, they discussed a variety of preschool related topics from family connection to conflict resolution and preschool marketing. 

“It is a true honor and privilege to be able to support preschool directors on Shlichus,” said Mrs. Rivky Baitelman, Chabad Early Childhood director. “Meeting the directors in person and Farbrenging together is really what Chabad Early Childhood is all about: we are a sisterhood, learning and gaining from one another.” 

For more information about Chabad Early Childhood, visit Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, supported by the Walder Foundation.

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