Shluchim to Visit the Ohel on Sunday

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Shluchim attending this year’s Kinus will be traveling as a group to the Ohel on Sunday, 25 Cheshvan. Lines are expected to be longer than usual.

A message from the Kinus Hashluchim organizers:

We are very fortunate that after a virtual Kinus and many months of being away from the holy community of Crown Heights, Shluchim will be able to gather in-person for a few days of chizuk, achdus and inspiration, all in accordance with the NYS and NYC guidelines.

The Shluchim will be traveling as a group to the Ohel on Sunday, 25 Cheshvan (October 31). They will be there from approximately 9:00 am-2:00 pm. The entrance to the Ohel during those hours will be walkthrough only.

If you are a New York Area resident, we wanted to make you aware of this schedule so you can avoid the longer than usual lines as much as possible. During this very sacred and unique time for the Shluchim, let’s give the Shluchim opportunity to be together as they read the Pan Kloli and ask for brachos for their communities and themselves.

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