Shluchim to Gather for ‘Chicken Soup Conference’

A symposium will be held on Daled Tammuz in Crown Heights to guide shluchim on navigating community members through pain and tragedy.

Every Shliach will come across it. A community member’s elderly mother is in her last moments. A child in the community was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Another is asking his opinion on donating a family member’s organs. What does Torah say? How to respond? Is there any way to involve the entire community in providing support for these families?

Shluchim face unique challenges when providing guidance and support to their community members during times of tragedy and when delicate Halachic advice is required. To equip the Shluchim with the necessary tools and knowledge, the Chicken Soup Conference is set to take place on ד’ תמוז June 23, 2023 at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights.

“In difficult times, community members look to their Shluchim for support and guidance,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, “The conference is here to empower Shluchim with the critical tools needed to uplift and counsel during times of hardship.”

Organized by Chabad on Call at Merkos 302, the day-long seminar aims to address the crucial aspect of effective communication and guidance when community members face various health challenges and Halachic dilemmas within the medical world. Shluchim will have the exclusive opportunity to gain knowledge from world-renowned experts who specialize in counseling individuals through difficult times.

“Being there for community members who turn to us for guidance is a tremendous responsibility that can feel overwhelming at times,” Mrs. Chani Goldberg, Director of Chabad on Call at Merkos 302. “However, when we are prepared and feel empowered to respond, we can bring comfort, strength, and hope to those who need it most.”

Among the distinguished speakers at the event is Rabbi Simcha Scholar, CEO & Founder of Chai Lifeline. Rabbi Scholar’s extensive experience in dealing with illness and providing support to families will provide valuable insights into navigating such situations with empathy and care.

Another prominent speaker is Rabbi Dr. Eddie Reichman, MD, a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Education, and Bioethics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His expertise in both Halacha and medicine will shed light on the complex ethical issues that arise at the intersection of these fields.

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, an Executive Worldwide Coach, will also contribute to the symposium with a lecture titled “Navigating Sensitive Fundraising Situations.” Rabbi Duchman’s insights will provide guidance on handling delicate fundraising scenarios that may arise within the Shluchim network.

The symposium aims to equip Shluchim with valuable skills and knowledge regarding the emotional and Halachic aspects of illness. In addition, it provides an opportunity for participants to connect and network with fellow Shluchim, allowing for the exchange of tips and ideas on supporting their communities during times of crisis.

The Chicken Soup Workshop for Shluchim recognizes the unique responsibilities and challenges faced by Shluchim in providing guidance and support to their communities. By offering a platform for learning, networking, and exchanging ideas, this symposium strives to empower Shluchim to navigate the intricate landscape of health challenges and Halachic dilemmas in the medical world effectively.

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