Shluchim Rescued After Cherry Picker Gets Stuck Midair

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The electricity in the Old City of Yerushalayim suddenly went out as shluchim were preparing to light a menorah by the Jaffa Gate. They remained midair until firemen arrived to save them. 

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Firemen were needed to rescue a group of Lubavitchers after they got stuck midair while lighting a public menorah.

The lighting was scheduled to take place near the Jaffa Gate leading to the Old City of Yerushalayim. The menorah was ready and shliach Rabbi Noam Rot was lifted in the cherry picker along with the guest of honor Rabbi Yaakov Goldshmit, maggid shiur in the Kfar Chabad Yeshiva.

But then, as they were up in the air, the electricity went out, causing the cherry picker to freeze with its occupants still feet in the air.

The electricity remained down for over half an hour, and with it, the shluchim remained stuck midair, next to the menorah.

A short while later, the fire department arrived with a ladder and was finally able to let the shluchim down from the cherry picker.

Despite the drama, the menorah lighting still took place that night, and the following nights as well, shining a light just a short distance a way from where the original nes took place.

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