Shluchim Pay Visit to Rocket Victims

Shluchim Rabbi Yochanan Gourarie, chief rabbi of Cholon, and Rabbi Levi Mendelson, director of Chabad in Hospitals, paid a visit to patients who were injured by Hamas rocket fire, davening with them and offering words of encouragement and comfort.

A special and emotional visit took place at the Wolfson Medical Center in Cholon, where a number of the injured from the rockets are hospitalized.

The visit was organized by Lev Chabad, the medical division of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad (Tzach) in Eretz Yisroel, which oversees a broad network of 21 Shluchim operating at hospitals and medical centers across Israel.

Rabbi Yochanan Gourarie, chief rabbi of Cholon, and a member of the Beis Din of Rabbonei Chabad visited the 5-year-old victim, Orian, and her mother, extending his wishes and blessings for a speedy recovery. He presented them with a special Chitas with the young girl’s name embossed on it.

Rabbi Gourarie was joined by Lev Chabad Director, Rabbi Levi Mendelson.

While visiting with Orian the rabbis met with Dr. Chory, the director of the pediatric ICU at the hospital.

The delegation visited each and every patient who had been injured the previous day in the volley of rocket fire from Gaza, davened with them and offered words of encouragement and comfort.

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