Shluchim Online School Students and Staff Celebrate at Reunion

Classmates, teachers and staff of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School joined together during the Kinus Hashluchos for their reunion. A once a year event where they get to see each other in person and connect. 

Every year, the students of the virtual school of the Shluchim Office eagerly await the annual Day of Celebration where they get to meet and spend a day with their classmates and teachers. The event has become a highlight for the students, a program celebrating their friendships, learning, and unique school.

“My favorite part of Day of Celebration was seeing all my classmates, teachers and friends from other classes,” shared Chaya Mushka Plotkin, 6th grade student from Greensboro, NC. “It was so fun getting to be together with everyone and getting to do an awesome presentation for the whole school!”

The program began with the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s Kapitel and inspirational words from fellow students and teachers. Each class presented a song or skit that they had excitedly prepared for weeks together. After each teacher received a personal gift and special prizes were awarded to students, the students were treated to dancing with motivational dancer Dance with Raizy. The girls got to spend quality time with their teachers and classmates in a real classroom setting, learning and soaking up this rare opportunity before taking a beautiful school picture. 

“The powerful sense of Achdus and inspiration could be felt throughout the entire event,” said principal Morah Devora Leah Notik. “It was beautiful to see the students leave the program motivated and uplifted for an incredible year of learning in their places of Shlichus.”

“Day of Celebration was so, so beautiful down to the gorgeous details,” wrote parent Mrs. Nechama Bendet, Shlucha to S Paul, MN. “As a 1st year Shluchim Online School mother, I am so blown away by the warmth that enveloped the entire room. What an amazing community!”

Special thanks to the dedicated team of staff including Zelda Amar, Mushky Gerlitzky, Doba Brikman, Chana Kosofsky and Frayde Trachtman, led by principal Morah Devora Leah Notik for making the event such a great success and to Chani Greenbaum for donating beautiful decor.

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School is a division of the Shluchim Office under Rabbi Gedalya & Bassie Shemtov.

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