Shluchim Join Together to “Make Berlin – Lubavitch”

During hakafos on Simchas Torah one year, the Rebbe told a chossid to “Make Berlin – Lubavitch!” The Rebbe’s shluchim to Berlin gathered in New York this week with that mission statement in mind. 

By reporter

They came to Lubavitch from Berlin, in order to make Berlin into Lubavitch.

The Rebbe’s shluchim to Germany’s capital city traveled to New York this week for a mini Kinus Hashluchim, to unite and be rejuvenated ahead of Rosh Hashana.

Headed by Berlin’s Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, the shluchim arrived for 12 hours of davening, learning and farbrengen.

The slogan of the trip “Make Berlin – Lubavitch!” was taken from a statement of the Rebbe to a chossid during Simchas Torah hakafos. The shluchim took that as their motto, and their trip to visit the Rebbe’s Ohel and 770 served as a reminder of their mission statement.

The visit, which took place on Monday, Chai Elul, began with a visit to the Ohel, where the shluchim learned together, signed a pan kloli, and davened by the Ohel. The shluchim brought with them the key to the new multi-million dollar Jewish campus in Berlin, which just recently opened.

They then traveled to Crown Heights, where they ate lunch and then went to 770. There, they had the opportunity to daven in the Rebbe’s holy room. They then posed for a group photo in front of 770, after which the shluchim broke out in a joyous dance.

Mincha followed in the Rebbe’s home on President St., and the day concluded with a farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky at the Teichtal home in Crown Heights.

In the evening, the shluchim headed to the airport to return to their makom hashlichus, with the short, but impactful visit giving them the strength to continue transforming Berlin from a place of darkness and Jewish suffering into a source of light.

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