Shluchim Gearing Up for Shabbat In The Heights

There’s a tangible energy as shluchim and their community members get ready to join hundreds of others in Crown Heights, the Rebbe’s shechuna, for JLI’s fast-approaching Shabbat in the Heights

Communities from across America will be heading to the pulsing heart of Chabad’s headquarters for an unforgettable weekend, where they’ll experience a taste of what it means to be Jewish.  

This weekend celebrates the gift of Shabbos and its value in the hustle and flurry of life: a moment in time to transcend the distractions and tap into a deeper part of oneself. 

More than just the delicious challah and authentic chicken soup, Shabbos in the Heights blends our rich past with the future, infusing it with meaning and plenty of spirit!  

It isn’t every day that devoted shluchim and curious seekers of spirituality and tradition, as inspired by the wisdom and leadership of the Rebbe,  get to spend Shabbos together with hundreds of Jews from all walks of life, experiencing the beauty and warmth of Yiddishkeit with all that it has to offer. 

Participants can enjoy a schedule filled with thought-provoking lectures and discussions that spark a curiosity and appreciation for timeless Jewish wisdom. This is not to mention the elaborate meals and uplifting services that celebrate Jewish community and our rich traditions. 

With the chance to walk away with a deeper appreciation of spirituality and life, this atmosphere ensures that every Jew feels like family.  

Shabbat in the Heights provides an opportune moment to reflect, recharge, and reconnect. 

There’s not much time left to sign up, so be sure to visit to secure your spot! 

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