Drexel Shluchim Don’t Blink at Demands to Terminate Them

As Pro-Palestinian student groups demand that the school shut down Chabad on campus, shluchim Rabbi Chaim and Moussia Goldstein remain unfazed and continue to spread light.

By Anash.org reporter

Drexel University students have been getting louder with their protests and have encamped on the university campus to rally for the Palestinian cause and demand the administration cut ties with the Jewish organizations on campus, including Chabad of Drexel University. Shluchim Rabbi Chaim and Moussia Goldstein remain unfazed in the face of the aggressive demands to immediately terminate them.

“We don’t take them seriously,” Mrs. Goldstein, the shlucha told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “it’s so transparent how these things are anti-Semitic in nature.”

Shliach Rabbi Goldstein called the demand laughable and the joke of the town. The University administration condemned the calls and continues its support of the Jewish organizations that represent the many Jews on campus at Drexel.

The pro-Palestinian encampment was enraged that Chabad hosted an event with a speaker who was a former soldier in the IDF and had survived the Nova music festival massacre of Simchas Torah.

One thing has become abundantly clearer with all the protests that used to try to differentiate between Yidden and Eretz Yisroel by claiming to be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic, but their true intent is .

“It’s becoming more and more clear, from their own words, how ‘Jews’ and ‘Israel’ are synonymous,” Mrs. Goldstein said. “They’re correct, actually.”

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  1. Since when according to the rebbe are Jews one with Israel it’s a Jewish country but that’s not our metzius

    1. Not sure what you mean with “not our Metzius”, but,
      The rebbe brings many times the Halacha regarding Pruzbul, that every Yid has 4 Amos or 1 amo in EY that belongs to him.

      See: Lku”s 20 p. 309.

      More at length about the connection between Yiden in Chu”l with EY, see Lku”s 21 p. 404

    2. What’s more outrageous, is this insinuation that Yidden are not one with Eretz Yisroel, it’s our ירושה, Hashem Promised it to the Yidden. It’s very much part of who we are, we say everyday 3 times a day in Shemonah Esrei ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב, ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים.
      All what’s happening now is he Goyim are realizing and verbalizing that Eretz Yisroel, isn’t just the “Jewish State” but actually a very real part of our METZIUS, Eretz Yisroel belongs to all and every Yid equally. And in that they are very correct.

    3. What the Rebbe differentiated from Jews, was the idea of the secular “State”, but Eretz Yisroel; the Rebbe Koched in a lot and spoke about countless occasions, about the Yidden living having a big Zechus, and about the safety of the Yidden living there, the Rebbe was actually very personally involved even with most of the Israeli political leaders pushing for Shleimus Haretz, and that the safety of Yidden always comes first etc etc…

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