Shluchim Distribute 70 Pairs of Tefillin to IDF Soldiers

On Monday, Chabad Seine et Marne (77) France, headed by Rabbi Yossi and Tzalcha Amar, gave out tens of Tefillin, Chitas and silver candlesticks to our brothers and sisters in the IDF, keeping a 16-year tradition.

Chabad Seine et Marne (77) France, located near the famous Euro Disney Park in France headed by Rabbi Yossi and Tzalcha Amar, kept a unique tradition for the past 16 consecutive years of giving hundreds of Tefillin, Chitas and silver candlesticks to our brothers and sisters in the IDF. 

This year too, despite it being the most challenging year with the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite the tragedy that happened on the night of Lag Baomer in Meiron, Chabad of Seine et Marne did not give up their special tradition. The exciting event was held on Monday at the base of Pikud Haoref in the center of Israel for 180 IDF soldiers.

In the past, when tragedy struck the Jewish people, the Rebbe always requested from us to turn challenges into a lever to add in more positive actions : ‎”בהמשך השליחות והבנין תנוחמו”, “in the continuation of the Shlichus and building you will be comforted.”

This is the 16th consecutive year that Chabad of Seine et Marne presents these gifts to the IDF and the Border Police soldiers in appreciation of their work for the security of Israel. The event was attended by the head of Rabbinical center of Europe, Rabbi Aryeh Goldberg, who was also honored by reciting Psalms for the Aliyas Haneshama of our 45 brothers who perished in the Meron tragedy.

This year, Chabad of Seine et Marne gave 70 pairs of Tefilin, 70 candlesticks as well as a Chitas to every soldier. The number 70 has a special meaning this year, as we celebrated 71 years of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s leadership.

During the event, the soldiers enjoyed a lavish catered full course meal, accompanied by singing and dancing in rejoicing for the miracles we experienced this past year.

The event was also attended by soldiers with special needs who serve in the IDF as part of “Gedolim Bemadim” headed by Rabbi Mendi Blinitzky.

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