Crowdfund Campaign to Ensure Jew’s Halachic Burial

Rabbi Zevy and Laky Frimerman of Postville, IA, have created a GoFundMe to help pay for the kevura of a special Jew who never wavered in his identity, and expressed his wish to have a proper Jewish burial.

Moshe (Elliot) Wolfson was a Jew with a special neshama, writes Mrs. Laky Frimerman, shlucha to Postville, IA, in a GoFundMe set up to raise funds for Wolfson’s burial.

Living in Waukon, Iowa, amongst goyim, Elliot never wavered in his identity as a Jew. He loved to spend Shabbos and Yom Tov with the community of Postville, Iowa. He always had simchas hachayim and was proud to do every mitzvah he could. He had a special place in his heart for the Yiddishe children and he treated them as his own.

He took particular enjoyment in sharing especially prepared divrei Torah every Friday night, especially with the Postville bochurim. He always ended off with his signature finale “G-d loves you and so do I – We want Moshiach Now!”

Elliot spent all his time helping people and was a tremendous ba’al chessed, and extremely generous. Over the years, having a connection with the community of Postville, made him value kevuras Yisrael. Although he had previous arrangements setup, a few years ago he changed them and committed to be buried as a Yid.

His neshama has now returned to its maker and it is up to us to ensure he has his final wishes granted. Please contribute to this fund to help with the costs involved in his kevuras Yisrael.

Click here to give Elliot kevuras Yisrael.

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  1. It is amazing to see the outpour of ahavas yisroel in this chesed shel emes. I would like to point out that Rabbi Heshy and Basya Rubashkin
    were the ones who were instrumental in making Moshe’s Kevurah possible.
    They were behind the initiative to inspire the change that Moshe made.
    Throughout Moshe’s life they have opened their hearts and home to him, made him a part of their family, and the community.
    Tizku L’Mitzvos!

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