Shluchim Buy Property to Build Mikvah in Saskatchewan’s Capital

After years of traveling over 350 miles to use a mikvah, the shluchim to Regina, capital city of Canada’s Saskatchewan province, finally managed to buy a property for a mikvah, and are holding a campaign to launch the construction.

A couple hundred Jews live in Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, as well as the surrounding prairies known as the Land of the Living Skies.

Every element of observant life can be a struggle in this Jewish wilderness – Kosher food travels 3000 km to get to Regina and a full minyan and proper Mikvah is either 600 km east or 700 km west.

Over the years, multiple local families and travelers have reached out to inquire about using a Mikvah but the Chabad House has not had one to offer. Shterna is excited about the idea of teaching her community about the vital Mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha. But with the closest practical option over 350 miles away, there is nothing to talk about – yet.

Mikvah connects each woman and their family to their innate spirituality, bringing purity and blessings to themselves and those around them. A new Mikvah in Regina would immediately be utilized by local families and draw many more to the mitzvah.

Boruch Hashem, we just finalized the purchase of a suitable property and have begun working with builders on the Mikvah.

We are only missing the last $100,000 ($130,000 CAD)

Please partner with us to make Mikvah possible!

Rabbi Avrohom & Shterna Simmonds

Endorsed by:
Rabbi Berel Bell, Montreal • Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, Bellevue WA • Rabbi YY Jacobson

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