Shluchim Betting Big On Post-Covid Growth

As Connecticut emerges from the long-drawn covid lockdown, Chabad of Fairfield, led by Rabbi Shlame and Miriam Landa, are betting big on the continued growth of the community, undertaking a broad improval initiative for their Chabad House.

As Fairfield recovers from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, Chabad of Fairfield is betting big on the Jewish community’s continued growth as they are undertaking a broad improval initiative, which will see the creation of a new outdoor community space, improved access, and enhanced security for Chabad of Fairfield, which has served the local Jewish community since 2007.

The enhancements to the Chabad property on Brookside Drive in Fairfield will include the creation of a plaza that will serve as a safe space for outdoor community events now and a beautiful space for gatherings in the future. Chabad will promote disability inclusion and ease of access for all by adding new sidewalks and access points and repaving its parking lot, and they’ll promote security by installing new lighting, cameras and other security features. The improvements will be funded entirely by a local matching capital campaign.

Located in the heart of the close-knit Lake Hills neighborhood of Fairfield, these improvements  are designed to make local popular walking routes even more beautiful and enjoyable , as Chabad of Fairfield will create new public sidewalks and embark on extensive landscaping and beautification improvements as well. 

“Our goal is to further develop a warm, safe, welcoming environment in which our current and developing Jewish community will pray, engage and gather,” said Jonathan Slavin, a member of Fairfield’s Economic Development Commission who is co-chairing the campaign along with Stas Gomberg, a local attorney.

Indeed, it is the warm environment that the Chabad community is known for that has ensured that it continued to be able to be a source of support throughout the pandemic. When covid hit, they quickly and successfully pivoted to online and safe in-person programs and events, finding new and innovative ways to continue to be there for Fairfield’s community and as the pandemic brought an influx of new families to Fairfield, they found ways to connect even during this time of isolation and quarantine.

Chabad found ways to grow during the pandemic, focusing on reaching out to individuals in lieu of large community events. Record numbers of participants joined classes on Zoom. Innovative holiday programming included thousands of holiday packages delivered to local families, as well as outdoor and distanced in-person events.

“We’re excited to enhance the warm and welcoming place that is Chabad of Fairfield,” said Miriam Landa, who directs Chabad’s acclaimed religious school and summer day camp. “And we’re confident that in the near future, Fairfield’s Jewish community will be able to gather, study and celebrate in person, and when we do so, Chabad will continue to be there for them. And the warmth we are known for will be reflected in the improvements to the Chabad facility.”

Chabad of Fairfield is running a matching campaign to help raise funds for their building efforts. Visit to participate!

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