Shluchim Begin Torah at Location of Meron Tragedy

A new Torah was started on Tuesday in memory of the victims of the Meron tragedy, spearheaded by a group of local shluchim. The writing began at the very location where the tragedy took place.

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A new Torah was started on Tuesday in memory of the victims of the Meron tragedy, at the very location where 45 men and boys tragically lost their lives during the celebration of Lag B’omer.

This Sefer Torah is the initiative of Rabbi Yossi Halperin, director of the Chabad House in Meron. Throughout the year, Rabbi Halperin is dedicated to assisting those who come to daven at the Rashbi’s Tzion with all their physical and spiritual needs.

Among the participants was Rabbi Asi Spiegel, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Toras HaRashbi, which studies near the tzion in Meron. He announced that their study of the Rashbi’s Torah will be dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives and whose yartzeits were set by Hashem for the same date – Lag B’omer.

The Kopshinitzer Rebbe, who was visiting the site of the disaster at the time, was honored with writing the first letter. He insisted on participating in the cost, at least symbolically, in order to partner with Klal Yisrael in the Sefer Torah of unity.

In the coming days, representatives of Chabad Meron will visit the home of each family who is sitting shiva, together with the Sofer, in order to write letters with them in the Torah. Afterwards, the writing will continue near the tzion of the Rashbi.

“Our plan is to complete the writing of the Torah here in Meron,” Rabbi Yossi Halperin said, “and to finish it before next Lag B’Omer. We write with a prayer for the coming of Moshiach, when ‘those who dwell in the dust will rise and sing,’ and the kedoshei Meron among them – speedily in our days.”

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