Shlichus with Your Children Too

A Moment with the Rebbe: When sending off two shluchim to their transformative shlichus, the Rebbe reminded them about the “innermost point” – nachas from their own children.

As a general sees off his troops, while also as a father sees off his children, the Rebbe would bentch the shluchim before they set off on their holy work.

Reb Nosson Gurary, before leaving on shlichus to Buffalo, NY, merited a yechidus together with his wife a”h. The Rebbe bentched them with hatzlacha in their shlichus, and in making a dira bitachtonim.

Then the Rebbe concluded, “Di nekuda hapnimis fun altz, chassidishe nachas fun di kinder – The ultimate point of everything is to have chassidishe nachas from your children.” (As heard from Reb Nosson)

Reb Yitzchok Dovid Groner, the shliach to Australia, recorded a similar bracha. As he went in for a 5 Tammuz 5733 (1973) yechidus, the Rebbe instructed him about various activities in Eretz Yisroel, Belgium and Australia.

After these matters of global Jewry were seen to, the Rebbe said to him:

“Un du, un di balaboste, zolen tzukumen tzum nekuda hapnimis, nachas, chassidishe nachas fun di kinder – And you and your wife should reach the ultimate point, nachas, chassidishe nachas, from your children.” (Teshurah Telzner, Adar II 5774)

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  1. Also in yechidus to:
    rabbi and Mrs shmotkin, Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Rabbi and Mrs Goldstein, Madrid Spain

    Similar brocha in a letter to rabbi and Mrs Pinson, Tunis

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