Shliach Prepares for 50th Birthday With 7 Brissin in One Day

The day before he turned 50, Almaty Shliach and mohel Rabbi Elchanan Cohen traveled to Shymkent to perform brissin for a group that included Yidden from a month-old child to a 64-year-old adult.

It all started a few weeks ago, when a wedding was held for a Jewish couple in Shymkent. The Shliach of the city: Rabbi Mordechai Morosow together with other Shluchim from around the country who came to attend the wedding talked and inspired the guests about the concept of Bris Mila.

A few days later, the joy continued. A Jewish boy was born in the community. His parents decided to arrange a Bris Milah. Slowly 6 other community members followed and took upon this great mitzvah of having a Bris Milah too!

The big day arrived. Shliach Rabbi Elchanan Cohen of Almaty and Mohel on behalf of the global organization Brit Yosef Yitzchak, took a flight to the city of Shymkent to perform the brisin.

Rabbi Mordechai and Shoshana Morosow worked tirelessly in making the arrangements for the grand day and all participants came ready.

Michael, the oldest in the group bravely got up to the table first and set a special example. Immediately after his Bris ended, he received the great privilege of being sandek of the new baby.

It couldn’t have been more appropriate to read out loud “This is Eliyahu’s chair”, “Hodu Lahashem ki tov, ki lolam chasdo!”

With much positivity, Michael explained to the others waiting in turn his experience and convinced another Jew, the seventh, to do it too!

From early morning to minutes before sunset, without any break, the brisin were made one after another. From a month-old child to a 64-year-old adult Jew, Rabbi Morosow stood and read their new Jewish names: Michael, Nachman, Baruch, Daniel, Levi, Zohar and the seventh: David.

The mohel, Rabbi Elchanan Cohen shared his experiences from this great day: “When I arrived in the morning, after the flight was delayed. The 64-year-old Jew was waiting outside and told me, ‘I’ve been waiting since morning to become a complete Jew, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is in a hurry, I have no more patience.'”

The day after the brisin, Rabbi Cohen celebrated his 50th birthday. For over twenty years he has been engaged in outreach work for the Chabad institutions of Kazakhstan.

Despite his busy schedule, he took the time to travel and make the brisin. Nevertheless, he says, “I can sum up a day like this in one sentence: ‘This is the best preparation I’ve ever had for a birthday’. It is the greatest privilege for me!

It is most touching to know that some of the circumcised were former campers of “Camp Gan Yisroel of Kazakhstan!”

Mazal Tov for the brisin and mazal tov to Rabbi Elchanan Cohen on the occasion of his 50th birthday! Many happy and healthy years!

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