Shliach Concludes Tanya Series Live From Haditch

About 4 years ago, Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida, started teaching each week a chapter of Tanya to his community in Ft Myers, Florida. The shiur is recorded & shared on YouTube, with hundreds of people watching the weekly class.

The community decided that the appropriate place & venue to complete the last chapter of the 4th section of Tanya Igeret Hakodesh, would be at the Ohel of the Alter Rebbe in Haditch.

The community sent Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz with his son Peretz Meir Simcha for this huge milestone event to spend Shabbas in Haditch to pray at the gravesite as well as teach the last chapter & make the Siyum of the last chapter, 32, of Igeret Hakodesh.

Shabbas in Haditch was very special to be able to connect with the Alter Rebbe & with the many Jews from Ukraine, Israel & Switzerland that all came with the same purpose to connect to the holy Tzadik & Founder of the Chabad movement.

The Special Siyum Hatanya Trip to Haditch & Ukraine was sponsored by the generosity of the Dosoretz, Price, Rubenstein & Sasser Families May Hashem Bless them with Great Health, Lots of Blessings & Success, Nachas from their families with tremendous abundance in all areas of their lives.

A special thanks to Rabbi Berel Lazar & Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelem for directing us to Rabbi Avremy Deitch from Zhytomyr & Rabbi Shneur Daitch from Haditch for taking care of all the logistics of the trip as well as Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzki & his daughter Sara of Dneper for arranging our visit to the Menorah center as well as the Chof Av experience with Tour guide Itzik Karshenbaum to visit all the special places where the Rebbe & his Father lived & prayed in Dneper as well as Reb Avi Shaulson & Shmuly Stern for hosting us for a over the top experience in Alma Ata where the Rebbes Father is Buried with all logistics both Materialistic & most importantly spiritually with 48 hours of Farbrengens & Clases in the Rebbes Fathers deep teachings.

Please enjoy the the following Youtube of the Siyum of the last chapter In Tanya.

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