Shliach Aids Israeli Victims of South Korea Tour-Bus Crash

When he heard about a tour bus crash involving 33 Israelis, South Korea Shliach Rabbi Asher Litzman immediately sprung into action, helping and assisting in any way he could.

By Yaakov Ort –

Immediately following the conclusion of Passover, Rabbi Asher Litzman, director of the Chabad Jewish Community of Korea, learned about a tour bus crash involving 33 Israelis and after conducting the Havdalah ceremony hurried to one of the nine hospitals treating the injured. Working tirelessly through the night and day, he has visited different hospitals to counsel and comfort victims, served as a translator for caregivers and communicated with the victims’ families in Israel.

“We distributed kosher food this morning and helped communicate with concerned family members in Israel,” said Litzman. “Language differences often pose difficulties, so we assisted in coordinating medical treatments and local caregivers.”

Margarita Schwartzberg, 60, from Hadera, was killed in the accident. Four others were in serious condition, and nine remained in moderate condition the day after the crash.

On Friday morning, the rabbi helped a seriously injured man wrap tefillin. The man’s wife, who also sustained minor injuries in the accident, was moved to tears.

“When he opened his eyes, he asked me to put tefillin on him,” shared Litzman.

“We hope for a speedy and complete recovery for everyone and hope for only good news,” said Litzman. “We will continue to assist wherever possible in coordination with local authorities.”

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