Shiur Discusses Thorny Kashrus Issues

Watch: At a recent shiur on practical kashrus hosted by Kollel Anash of Crown Heights, Rabbi Yitzchok Hanoka discussed the differences between a national hechsher and a chassidishe one, potential kashrus issues in a restaurant, and kashering at 212 Fahrenheit.

Last week Kollel Anash of Crown Heights had the honor of hosting a shiur by Rabbi Yitzchok Hanoka on practical kashrus. Rabbi Hanoka serves as a senior Mashgiach for the OK kashrus. For many years he worked hand in hand under the direction of his father-in-law Rabbi Don Yoel Levy AH, the longtime kashrus administrator of the OK. 

Rabbi Hanoka shared general guidance on the production of various food items. He explained the differences between a national hechsher and a chassidishe one. He discussed the level of hashgacha required for fish companies (tuna, salmon, and herring). He also discussed kashrus issues which can arise in a restaurant setting: Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel and vegetable checking. The level of hashgacha required for restaurants owned by someone who is not Shomer Shabbos, was laid down clearly. Rabbi Hanoka also gave pointers for Lubavitcher Chassidim who follow the Alter Rebbe’s psak to kasher utensils at the temperature of 212 Fahrenheit. 

Kollel Anash is located at Congregation Anash on Montgomery Street and is under the leadership of Rabbi Michoel Lerner. The Kollel was founded and is sponsored by Rabbi Dovid Fischer, Rov of Congregation Anash.

Watch Rabbi Hanoka’s shiur here:

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