Shidduch House to Host “Meet the Shadchan” Event

The Crown Heights “Shidduch House,” a space where shadchanim work and shidduchim can be held, is hosting a “Meet the Shadchan” event to briefly meet with various shadchanim one on one.

The Shidduch House is abuzz, only blocks away from the hustle of Kingston Ave. It’s happening. On a typical day you can see singles coming in to meet with Shadchanim, parents coming in to get suggestions for their singles and you can see a group of dedicated shadchanim meeting to network and share ideas for shidduchim. Those who have come in have commented that the space is so warm and welcoming while the experience is so professional and private.

“When a single comes in for an appointment to meet with us, we have a real person, a human in front of us, not a piece of paper. We connect, get to know them and what they are looking for and can much better assist them in their search for the right one.  We see their personality and their demeanor and get a much better understanding and feel for them. It makes a world of difference”, shared one of the shadchanim. “As for us, it’s a wonderful and beautiful space for us to come to. The decor, the ambiance, the energy, we feed off of all that and off of each other to really focus and yield results.”

A Shlucha who recently visited from the Midwest shared, “The Shidduch House is a beautiful space that elevates the experience of shidduchim. The shadchanim were warm and professional and the entire process was refreshing. There is an entire team in place to meet with parents in a warm and inviting setting. This is convenient for parents that are in Crown Heights for a limited time and need flexible hours to meet with Shadchanim.”

To assist in this effort, The Shidduch House will be hosting a “Meet the Shadchan” event where singles will have the opportunity to meet with many dedicated shadchanim one on one. The Shadchanim really encourage this and look forward to meeting them. Just speaking with each one even for a few minutes helps them get matched up more effectively. There will be a bochurim’s event on Tuesday, May 10th, and a girls’ event on Tuesday, May 17th, beH from 8pm-10pm.

For more information and to register please email us at [email protected].

To keep in the know about future events, to schedule a meeting or make a donation, visit our website:

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