She Came to Her Shliach for Support, He Gave Her a Kidney

When a member of Hampton Shliach Rabbi Aizik Baumgarten’s congregation found herself in desperate need of a kidney, she turned to him for guidance and support. He ended up giving the kidney himself.

Rabbi Aizik Baumgarten, a devoted Chabad shliach in the Hamptons, selflessly devotes his days, together with his wife Musia, to tending to the spiritual well-being of his community.

When a member of his congregation found herself in desperate need of a life-saving kidney, she turned to their trusted Rabbi for guidance and support.

With unwavering compassion, the Rabbi connected with Renewal. Astonishingly, it turned out that the Rabbi himself was the perfect match.

Despite the bustling nature of the Hamptons’ summer season, he didn’t hesitate for a moment to offer the gift of life just as his busiest period began.

The recipient, overwhelmed with gratitude, had been on the verge of starting dialysis when a phone call from Renewal brought unimaginable news: her beloved Rabbi was the one who had selflessly stepped forward to offer her a second chance at life.

Please say Tehillim for the kidney donor, Aizik ben Golda, and the recipient Tirzah bat Gittel.

To find out more about kidney donation call Renewal at 718-431-9831 or email [email protected]. You just might save a life!

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