Shavuos Packages Sponsored by Family of Russian Hostage

Moscow’s Yom Tov food packages, including chicken, meat, wine, fish, fruit and vegetables, and dairy products in honor of Shavuos, are being sponsored by the family of Alexander Tropanov who is currently being held hostage in Gaza.

As usual on erev yom tov, these days a special food package distribution is being set up in the “Shaarei Tzedek Jewish Chessed Center” in the Marina Roscha neighborhood of Moscow. Large families, as well as those going through challenging times can come and pick up boxes full of quality products that will bring joy to them and their family members.

Despite Shavuos not being a holiday with as many meals as other yomim tovim, the founder of the Chessed Center, Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar encouraged the gabbaim of Moscow’s “Simchas Shabbos ve’Yom Tov” to do all that they can to ensure that those who require assistance will not be left behind. Those who receive the traditional food packages every erev Shabbos, will once again receive generously.

In additional to the usual chicken, meat, wine, fish, fruit and vegetables, in honor of Shavuos a case of dairy products was added. This includes milk, butter, various cheeses and even ice cream, in order to enable everyone to fulfill that which is written in the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch of the custom to eat dairy on Chag Matan Toraseinu, since “the custom of our fathers is Torah, and there are many reasons for this”.

This much-needed help is made possible by the donations of many friends who are intimately familiar with the extensive activity of the Chessed Center throughout the year, assisting hundreds and thousands of needy people in Moscow and its surrounds.

A special donation was received from the Tropanov family, for the merit of their son Alexander Sasha ben Lena Leah who is still being held hostage by Hamas. The Moscow Jewish community has adopted his family, assisting and supporting them during the long and difficult months since he was abducted on Simchas Torah. May he come home and be reunited with his family very very soon along with all our sisters and brothers who are still being held as hostages.

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