Shavuos Learning Curriculum Empowers Community Members

JLI’s groundbreaking Torah Talks allows community members with only an introductory knowledge of Judaism to present captivating and insightful Torah lessons.

Hosting an engaging all-night learnathon on Shavuos night can be challenging, especially as shluchim and community leaders try to avoid doing all the talking themselves. Now, for the first time, a brand new, professionally developed curriculum makes it easy for any community member to share fascinating talks on Torah topics.

Ahead of Shavuos, JLI has developed an innovative and unprecedented series of lessons designed to empower community members of all backgrounds to present captivating and insightful lectures on topics ranging from Jewish medical ethics and the Book of Rus to mental wellness and family life.

While JLI is known for the vast array of educational offerings it provides shluchim to teach their communities, Torah Talks marks JLI’s effort to expand its horizons, allowing community members to become not only Torah students, but Torah teachers as well.

The cutting-edge Torah Talks lesson bundle comprises four booklets, each containing a professional lesson that can be presented as part of a program or on its own. By reformulating past Flagship curricula, JLI’s curriculum team designed this series of teacher’s manuals to be easily digestible by anyone in your community. With Torah Talks, even those with an introductory knowledge of Judaism can teach a compelling twenty-five minute lesson.

In all, Torah Talks includes in its first series, four separate lessons, designed to be presented by four individuals:

From Palace to Purpose: The Fascinating Saga of Rus

  • Learn about key turning points in the Book of Rus that exemplify the primary importance of tikun olam and fulfilling one’s purpose in life.

The Ethics of Physician-Assisted Dying

  • What does the Talmud say about physician-assisted suicide? Explore how the Torah doctrine of the Divine image intersects with the challenges of medical ethics.

How to Buy Happiness

  • Why is it that so many people, despite having so much, are so unhappy? Discover Judaism’s practical solutions, which help us build positive emotions and resilience.

Appreciating Parents

  • The fifth commandment might seem like a no-brainer, but when applied to real-life dilemmas, respecting parents turns out to be less obvious than you thought.

The complete four-lesson Torah Talks package is now available here for purchase. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage your entire community with this empowering and unique new offering.

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