Shalom’s Torah to be Written to Honor Memory of Young Boy

As the first yahrtzeit of Sholom Tauber nears, his friends and family are working to create a meaningful and memorable endeavor in his memory.

Shalom Tauber, the young son of Rabbi Menachem and Nechama Tauber of Miami Gardens, Florida, passed away on Yud Beis Tammuz, 5782. He was 3 years old and passed away in a tragic accident.

Shalom’s parents share, “We feel a profound desire to create a lasting tribute to his memory. The vision of writing a Sefer Torah holds immeasurable meaning for us. It is a sacred endeavor that would honor Sholom’s short & precious life and serve as a profound connection to his eternal spirit. Holding that sacred Torah, dancing with it, and kissing it, would offer us a tangible and deep connection.”

15k has already been raised towards the Torah, but an additional $65k is still needed to make this vision a reality. A campaign has been created to raise the additional funds needed.

To donate towards Shalom’s Torah, click here.

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