Shadchan Coach to Address Shadchanim in Crown Heights

An event for shadchanim will be held at the Crown Heights Shidduch House with shadchanCOACH Rabbi Moishe Raitman who will address some common questions as well as the more difficult ones.

The Shidduch House:

Over the last 4 months the Shidduch House has hosted an array of events. We’ve had events for the singles to come meet with shadchanim, educational events for the boys as well as for the girls and even events for the parents. Finally, we will be dedicating an event for the shadchanim who put so much time, energy and effort into the process of shidduchim. 

So many varied scenarios play out when setting up singles to meet. Some of them are very familiar and easier to navigate, while some are more complicated and challenging.

To address the more common questions as well as the more difficult ones, we have called on shadchanCOACH Rabbi Moishe Raitman to come and share his knowledge and experience with us.

Rabbi Raitman is a much sought after shadchan, coach, mentor and speaker. Through comprehensive conversations and interviews, he has counseled and mentored hundreds of singles, young adults, divorcees, middle aged adults and parents alike throughout the shidduch process.

He will join us on Wednesday, July 20th at 11:00 the Shidduch House to share from his vast experience to guide, advise and shed light on some of the issues that can come up.

Shadchanim work very hard and are so dedicated to their holy work. They are really involved in every step of the process. They often need to wear many different hats aside from matchmaker, as coach and mentor, and go above and beyond as they assist their couples. Sometimes a situation can present itself that is unfamiliar to them. Rabbi Raitman will be able to bring clarity through practical and meaningful discussion to the many different situations that can arise.

We encourage questions to be submitted ahead of time to [email protected] in order to be addressed. 

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