Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim Saved My Life

Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum of Tzivos Hashem recalls how Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim said by chayolim around the world saved his life when he was in the hospital with coronavirus, and tells of an offer that can’t be passed up.

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It was the Tehillim that saved his life.

A number of months ago, as another wave of coronavirus hit Crown Heights, Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, Director General of Tzivos Hashem, became sick and was taken to the hospital. In an emotional conversation with, he related his struggle, and how Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim saved his life.

“It was a number of months ago, and a number of Crown Heights residents were infected with coronavirus. I too became sick, and at one point Hatzala told me that I need to go to the hospital,” he said.

While in the hospital, his health was slowly deteriorating, and breathing was getting harder and harder for him. It was a Shabbos Mevorchim, and Rabbi Weinbaum was all alone in a hospital, fighting for his life.

“On Friday night, I was struggling for each breath, and I felt my strength was ebbing away,” he said.

Suddenly, in the early hours of the morning, Rabbi Weinbaum felt his strength starting to return, and his breathing became progressively easier.

“It was one seemingly random point on Friday night that everything just seemed to turn around, and from that point, everything began to improve.”

After a few days of improvement, the doctors were satisfied enough to send Rabbi Weinbaum home, where he immediately resumed his work running Tzivos Hashem programs, among them the Chidon, which was only a short while away.

“A short while later, thinking back to my hospital stay, I suddenly realized that the turning point had been at the exact moment when chayolim of Tzivos Hashem had begun saying Tehillim in the first point on the globe. The sweet Tehiilim being said by the pure chayolim, thanks to a program of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem, had saved my life!”

Every Shabbos Mevorchim, at tens of locations around the globe, chayolim say thousands of kapitelach of Tehillim thanks to Chayolei Tzivos Hashem.

“Ever since the Tehillim program started, it has grown by leaps and bounds every single year. It began with 33,412 kapitelach of Tehillim said over the year of 5769, and by the time we reached 5780, a whopping 1.6 million kapitelach were said.”

Rabbi Weinbaum says there is now a way for everyone to tap into this amazing zechus.

“We are currently looking for sponsors to take an a month of this amazing project. They can take on the month of their birthday, a yahrzeit or a special day on the calendar. Imagine the zechus of thousands of chayolim saying Tehillim in your merit!”

“Currently we are holding at 1.6 million kapitalach Tehillim annually, with the numbers only increasing every year. You can lock into your month now, and you will have the zechus even when the numbers surpass two million and beyond,” he says.

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  1. B”H
    thank you for sharing the good news about the power of tehillim.
    how does this tehillim program work? is there a website?
    thank you.

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