‘Shabbos Lights’ Offers Weekly Inspiration in English

Photo: Yanki Kahan/FrocksInStock

Photo: Yanki Kahan/FrocksInStock

A new weekly publication published by Machon Or HaChassidus full of inspiration and direction, in English, is coming to a shul near you!

Tens of thousands of individuals around the globe read Likras Shabbos every single week. Likras Shabbos is a hebrew booklet brimming with the teachings of Chassidus, insights into the weekly Parsha and current events, and letters from the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh.

Its readers gain insight and inspiration from the content contained within its pages and the light of Chassidus permeates their shabbos, and their entire week.

Now, in addition to the Likras Shabbos pamphlets that are distributed across the globe, Machon Or HaChassidus has announced that an english column, Shabbos Lights, will be distributed as well.

Shabbos Lights is a combination of Light Points – the wildly popular Sichos of the Rebbe on the Parsha written in a clear and concise format, and Life Points – a letter from the Rebbe containing relevant, practical and illuminating life lessons.

Lightpoints brochures are currently printed and distributed in local Crown Heights shuls every single day. Additionally, subscribers can receive it straight to their inbox or Whatsapp messages, absolutely free! Lightpoints is the tiny spark that will illuminate your day, fill it with light and life, and give you an entirely new perspective. 

The merging of these two columns will bring both inspiration and direction to their readers’ lives, every single week.

Shabbos Lights is written in an easy to read format making it accessible to those with a more extensive learning background, and those with none at all. It is perfect for adults and children to read on their own, share with a friend, or give over at the Shabbos table. 

Look out for Shabbos Lights in a shul near you!

To learn more about Machon Or HaChassidus and the important work they do visit: http://orhachasidus.com

Are you interested in receiving Shabbos Lights every week? 

Are you a shliach looking for a meaningful publication to distribute to your community?

Email [email protected] to subscribe for free!

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